Sunday, July 26, 2015

After Rain Beauty of Punjab

Punjab, a land of beauty, plains, people and above all the nature. Few days back I was in my village where I took these pics after the rain... 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Class Categorization of Social Masses of Sialkot

I have traveled to most parts of upper Pakistan including Punjab, most parts of KPK and upper Baluchistan. One thing which is common through out all above mentioned parts is class categorization of social masses is their hierarchy i.e. elite class, upper class, middle class, lower middle class and lower class. Middle and lower middle class is most of the time categorized as working class.

Perhaps this is grim fact of our society that we have restricted hard work factor of just working class. Rest all rely upon either their past earned resources or miracles to happen. Lower class is always kept unpaid just to make them lower for the time to come. In spite of finding new manpower resources, we find peace in keeping already held manpower for ever. This is indeed too grim.

I have been in Sialkot for the last two years. I had chances to have close interaction with complete working class of this city and observe how they made this city a role model for rest of the country. I am finally placing my findings below:

1.  In Sialkot, every one considers himself as one of the representatives of working class. I have seen even millionaires working in their factories just like ordinary labors. They will never hesitate in sitting, working, enjoying and making things positive with their workers.

2.  They believe in work work and work. Atfter making this class discrimination vanished, they have made their approach too positive by making their every individual work worthy. Even children of mega factory owners give some time to their factories on daily basis. They are found doing their home work   or even learning from technicians after their school time.

3.  Eating is their passion. Spice is their air. You will find something spicy at every corner in Sialkot and people eating up the spice like anything. I mentioned in Iqbal Tower aspects as well about these spice corners.

Overall Sialkot is worth working place. Even worth following for all classes in pakistan. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

5 Prospects of Iqbal Tower Sialkot

Tight your laces and be around Iqbal Tower at about 9pm. Any weather would suffice but most important that you must be on 70cc bike whether you are millionaire/billionaire or even Rs 500/day earner. Another important aspect which you should never miss is #SelfiCraze there..

1.  When you reach there, you will be astonished to see half sleevers in chilling December at any time. But people waering warm clothing would be seen around Tha Tha Kashmiri Chae/Soda corner enjoying hot smoke of pink Kashmiri tea. Taste is always awesome.

2.  Bikes are always parked around the pavements of Iqbal tower and teenagers are seen making selfies around this tower. Most of them are having cold drinks in their hands during winter and tea during summer. I have been unable to figure out this trend. May be some Sialkoti could help me out.

3.  I always found this tower in newly painted state. Perhaps Pak Army maintains it. Always red like rose. Adding to it, you will hear its bells ringing after each half hour. The air makes it bewitching.

4.  Summers fall too light on Sialkoti teenagers. They are mostly found lying on the pavements of Iqbal tower along with their bikes parked along with pavements with their mudguards/tanki/tapa removed.

5.  On 14th August, you will found it The Most Decorated place in Pakistan. Green clothing strips are dropped from top and backlights make it simple but bewitching.

Overall, Iqbal Tower is one of the best corners around Pakistan. I always find it charming whenever I visit. Most of my evenings are there sipping Kashmiri Chae / Tha Tha Soda. One thing more to add is Iqbal manzil which is also there just 2 km away from Iqbal tower. It is also worth  visiting while being there in Sialkot. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Best Independence Celebration Ever I watched !!!

Last year when the holy month of Ramzan was going on and at the same time, the idependence day also broke in. I am talking about 14th August, the day Pakistan came into being at the face of earth as the second ideological state of the world.

Me with y great father, was going to attend "Aftar" in Khanewal. This is a unique geoghraphical aspect of Rangpur that if you have to go to Multan or Khanewal by crossing the river Chenab by boat, atleast three hours are saved and you can reach there in just one hour by motorcycle or even cycle. I have been there by bicycle many times through this shortcut.

So when we reached the bank of river Chenab, the boat was late. So we had to wait for atleast one hour. This is perhaps natural instinct, a passion, a beauty, a craze or what so ever you may say, and has become my second nature that I start photography when ever I come across any such scene. So at the bank of river standing in the burning sand at temperature of 46 degree celcious, I took out my cell phone and stared preserving the nature around me.

When I saw the boat coming towards me, I was astonished, amazed, bewitched, and lost to see the boat, people on the boat, their life style, their miseries, their sufferings, their love for themselves, society and their country. You would not believe but this is true that before looking at the boat I was not knowing that the day was Independence day.

It was lovely being part of that scene. The green flag of Pakistan was hoisting on the deck. The boat was coming near slowly, making my blood green. May Allah keep this green flag high till the last. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ultimate Morning Beauty With Dew !!!

Few days back I was at home i.e. my village Rangpur, the land of love. Although it was a short visit but still I managed to have what I had always been curious of. I love nature. This is my hobby, my liking, my adventure, and much more.

I carries a history. My association wit nature ways back to my childhood when I used to go out wondering about in the deserted places which include especially the desert of Greater Thal.

But this time I just managed to capture the morning of my village. The dew drops on the lush green gross were simply bewitching. Si I wanted to share all this stuff with all of you. Just see and enjoy.