Saturday, January 17, 2015

5 Prospects of Iqbal Tower Sialkot

Tight your laces and be around Iqbal Tower at about 9pm. Any weather would suffice but most important that you must be on 70cc bike whether you are millionaire/billionaire or even Rs 500/day earner. Another important aspect which you should never miss is #SelfiCraze there..

1.  When you reach there, you will be astonished to see half sleevers in chilling December at any time. But people waering warm clothing would be seen around Tha Tha Kashmiri Chae/Soda corner enjoying hot smoke of pink Kashmiri tea. Taste is always awesome.

2.  Bikes are always parked around the pavements of Iqbal tower and teenagers are seen making selfies around this tower. Most of them are having cold drinks in their hands during winter and tea during summer. I have been unable to figure out this trend. May be some Sialkoti could help me out.

3.  I always found this tower in newly painted state. Perhaps Pak Army maintains it. Always red like rose. Adding to it, you will hear its bells ringing after each half hour. The air makes it bewitching.

4.  Summers fall too light on Sialkoti teenagers. They are mostly found lying on the pavements of Iqbal tower along with their bikes parked along with pavements with their mudguards/tanki/tapa removed.

5.  On 14th August, you will found it The Most Decorated place in Pakistan. Green clothing strips are dropped from top and backlights make it simple but bewitching.

Overall, Iqbal Tower is one of the best corners around Pakistan. I always find it charming whenever I visit. Most of my evenings are there sipping Kashmiri Chae / Tha Tha Soda. One thing more to add is Iqbal manzil which is also there just 2 km away from Iqbal tower. It is also worth  visiting while being there in Sialkot. 
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