My Blogging Conviction!

Perhaps feelings fine some way out. These are just like water coming out of high pressure source (engineering approach :p) and make their way out. Plus feelings are blessing from Almighty Allah. Thats what I believe and make my life in this way.

I started writing many years ago when I was in 9th class, studying in Cadet College hassan Abdal. I was best writer among juniors and seniors two times. Third times, I was editor of college magazine. Then came EME College era, where I wrote for collge magazine, but unfortunately it could not get published. This made me think some other means to express myself.

Then came the new idea of blogging. I was new to internet, but I learned to blog and kept on producing words. And after one year, I came to know that people were actually interested, what I was writing. So it made me a bit positive about blogging.

I started with Islam & Spiritualism, but the I found that one topic could not cover all what I felt and wanted to speak on. So Pakistan Ultimate Sports Blog, Boots and Laces (My travel stories and natural convictions) and Social Denter were made a reality by the grace of Allah. So I am into this business now.

I could not cotinue it professionally because of my professional commitments but I write on all these blogs as hobby and when ever I get time.

You can find me of facebook here. Do speak about me what so ever you feel. Regards!