Who Is Behzad?

By profession, an armed forces person
By degree, a professional engineer
By nature, a sensitive person
By passion, a creative social writer
By likes, a wanderer of nature
By conviction, slightly inclined towards spirituality and sufism
By star, Gemini so double faced personality !!!

Guys! This is Muhammad Behzad Akhtar who is in the blogging world for the last one year. I started in the start of 2010. This was a reaction, not some conviction. Because I always thought of finding some way to write down and analyze what so ever I felt. It actually worked.

So, I would like to mention a few lines which I wrote about myself many years back, and the quoted by Syed Asghar Ali Shirazi who has been an eminent writer of Pakistan,  a friend of mine and a blogging tycoon of Pakistan. These lines go as follows:

"Behzad is a boy who who learnt nothing from education, environment and ethics, a coward person who jumps into himself whenever he is faced. Somethings are never explained, some people are never known....."

Write the complete intro of mine by S A J Shirazi  here and decide yourself who is behzad.