Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pakistan Railway Into The Fire

Today has been a slow and a bit sad day for me so far. There are many factors contributing to it. But the two I would like to mention here is GMI Trivia and the Pakistan Railway. About GMI, I wrote before and can be read here. But about Pakistan Railway, I finally decided to give a shot. Because I feel for what so ever asset being destroyed by our own hands. Pakistan Railway has been victimized.

There was a time when Pakistan railway carried some standard and some traditions. But then a time came when I had to write an article on Pakistan Railway i.e. "Pakistan Railway: I solute you for keeping the lalteen culture alive."  The grime news I had to read and then obliged to write on it goes as follows;

"Pakistan Railway paid the amount to PKR 25,000,000 to Pakistan state oil for the fuel railway has been consuming. But a grim news that the cross checks bounced. Now Pakistan Railway would pay PSO again plus there has been negative feeling about Pakistan Railway."

This is indeed a matter of great concern for officials but nobody seems interested in this regard. The railway minister rather the whole ministry has turned a deaf ear towards this issue. A whole ministry is sinking, a whole industry is sinking, a whole department is being vanished, thousands are going to be unemployed but there seems no one to change the fate.

About three days back, there was more disturbing news about Pakistan Railways. About 56 domestic trains have been sacked and the rest are waiting for their letters of death. The few main trains are on the tracks but no one can predict till when these trains would be on tracks. Because there have been no payment to PSO who has to provide fuel.

What is the problem? Why the train system failed in Pakistan? What happened to a well flourishing system?

A question every one wants to know the answer. The answer is very simple. In general life, the product we have to make successful or popular or make it earn profit, we have to create a general air, a feeling about that product. We have to make people feel that their lives are incomplete without that product. Then there comes the sincerity and hard work which the retailer and distributor puts in his product. But when we look at the Pakistan Railway case, all above mentioned seems multiplied by zero. There was a time when president also used to travel by train. But now a days, the lowest community level even seems least interested in trains. Then corruption adds a lot in perishing the railway concept in Pakistan. In these situations, how  can railway be successful?

Guys! I am in a fix about the future of this department, this ministry and the common people associated to this department. Can some one give me some positive direction, any positive sign which could add towards the existence of Pakistan Railway. Can you say few words about it?

The detailed road map of Pakistan Railway. 

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