Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Above PC Bhoorban at Chinar Golf Club

The heights, cold wind, fog, chinar trees stretching towards skies, lush green grass, hail storm, and much more are the fascinations when we are above PC Bhoorban. I am talking about the Chinar Golf Club which is perhaps one of the few gold clubs situated at such high altitudes.

Society for promotion of Arts and Literature had arranged a trip. Thanks to Shuja Hassan Zaidi who was finally able to make me, nabeel and few more prepared to accompany him on this trip. When we heard about the location, many of us became a bit sad because Muree, Abbotabad and Bhoorban are one of the most popular tourist resorts and most of them had been here before as well. But I was excited because heights fascinate me.

When we reached Chinar Golf Club, it was clear sky. Then a heavy fog and cold Siberian winds. It rained and hailed, again there was clear sky when we left. I carry no words for appreciation of weather. I mentioned in earlier post about traveling and how to enjoy the trips. Perhaps thats the reason, I lost in the beauty and silence around me.

Chinar golf club is maintained by a military unit of Signal Corps. A children park and 9 hole ground is there. Rest all you can see in the pictures below.

The location of Chinar Golf Club on Google Maps.

A beautiful road view

Fog fascinates us

After heavy rain and hailing

Front side of club main building

The whole golf court

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