Friday, November 18, 2011

An experience of Lahori Lassi

Traditional lassi of sub continent 
Some days are blessed days like friday. There are minor things which one ever feels noticeable. But these small things bring smiles on gloomy faces. This is a form of blessing from heavens. Lassi, a drink which is much popular in sub continent made me feel happier today. let me explain it below. 

Today, in the morning I did not take the breakfast. While going out of UET Lahore, my brother Abdul Malik Sultan told me something unbelievable. He said to have a cup of lassi as breakfast. I wondered how and why. He said that i would not be able to eat anything after taking the cup of lassi from this special lassi point in lahore.

Finally we were sitting on a road side shop which served lassi.There was a huge cup of lassi in our hands. It was mixture of butter, lassi, yogurt and sugar. Then he added one thing more. He ordered for two butter packs which are called "paira" in the local Punjabi language. We mixed that butter in lassi cups. Believe me that was enough for me. According to his previous statement, I was unable to have anything more as breakfast when I was over with that lassi cup.

That was lahori taste and lahori air. Perhaps this air, this taste and this love which these people offer me, I am always in Lahore when ever I get time. I would also recommend this lassi to all the readers who are reading this lassi article. Do visit Dhram Pura and have a huge cup of lassi from your own pocket. This is because I would not be available at that time when you are there.

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