Friday, September 9, 2011

Mandar Sri Lal Ji, A Unique Cultural Heritage Of Layyah

While travelling from Layyah to Karor, just before Rajan Shah Darbar we come across the few remains of Hinduism. It draws back our attention to the time when there was one subcontinent. Both hindus and muslims used to live together. Although there were some cultural, religious, and social differences. But both used to manage them in a way acceptable to both schools of thought.

Then came independence in 1947 and biggest migration of history took place. But both sides could not come up to the expectations. There was bloodshed while traveling from east to west. And there was peace and harmony while going to east.

The hindus went away but the remains are still there. Given below is a temple which is situated in Layyah near Rajan Shah Darbar. It comes one km before Rajan Shah. The pictorial tour of this temple reveals the art, culture and much more about the cultural and religious heritage of Hinduism. When I was looking at these pics, I flashed back to Babri Masjid. Anyway we are Muslims, tolerate towards every religion.

Look at this temple named "Mandar Sri Laal Ji" and enjoy.

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