Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anmol Sial who is disguised version of Heer Sial

When I talk about Anmol sial, the time flashes back to one year, when me with my father had to attend a local festival known as "mela". Although I was forced to get back home by my father but at night I got the news about Anmol Sial. She was invited by local MPA to sing for the people who had been there to attend the mela. The next day I got some awkward news.
Anmol Sial, new saraiki music icon.

The news was as two group had a fight during the show of Anmol Sial when theater was in full swings. It added to my curiosity about Anmol Sial. The next incident was again much more astonishing. My friend Sahir Rangpuri who has been an excellent saraiki poet and few days back his book got reviewed in DAWN Newspaper. He narrated it as follows:

Anmol was was just to be shot by some SHO who loved here. That SHO slapped her because she refused him to sing for him ad marry him. SHO was going to shoot her but then came the organizers who jumped inside the matter and saved her. Since then, she is having a private bodyguard.

My curiosity kept on increasing about Anmol Sial. Then few details were provided by few eople.

Anmol Sial belongs to the family of "Heer Sial, the love legend of Punjab" i.e. Choochak Sial. Then she belongs to Kahror Pakkah which is the land of love, sincerity and romance. This place is located near Multan. She started singing at very early age. Then she met Sajjad Rasool, a very well known musician of Pakistan who served for about two decades in Radio Multan.

Sajjad Rasool taught her the core concepts of music and the latest music trends. Basics were made here. Saraiki Jhoke office was the place where she used to meet her teacher. Because Sajjad Rasool belongs to Krachi and She lives in Multan. When ever he used to visit Multan, they used to meet in the office of Saraiki Jhoke.

Here public performances started when she started learning from Sajjjad Rasool. Now a days, she is one of the most famous saraiki singers. She has been on radio as well at such a young age. And my perception about is that she is going to rock the world.

Her voice seems coming from sad, silent, barren, dark and vast sand dooms where the ultimate destinations of love and sincerity merge to create the universal feelings of heavenly feeling which is ultimate destination of soul. Perhaps this is the human natural sensitivity which builds a relation between soul and heavenly governing powers which control all what so ever one feels and then interprets it in a unique way which only the sensitive soul can.

Anyway, she got bewitching voice. I have been listening for the last three days, have listened all her songs available on youtube. I mostly prefer the live performances because these performances include the personal feelings of singer and the audience. Given below are few of her performances I can not stop lwatching. Watch and enjoy this saraiki music legend who is going to roch the world.

In this performance, she sings a mind blowing urdu ghazal sung by Madam Noor Jahan after a saraiki song.The lyrics are as follows:

Un ka he tsawur hy, mehfil ho k tanhai
Samjhay koi deewana, janay koi saodai

A Punjabi song by Anmol Sial

A saraiki song which always fascinates me, sung by Anmol Sial
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