Monday, July 25, 2011

The desert trivia of greater Thal in Bhakhar

The silence, the non ending sand dooms, the huts miles away, most important the sincere, loving, sensitive and artistic people striving very hard to sustain their life cycle are the charms of life at sandy deserts in Pakistan.

All above fascinates me, rather all who feel and want to be close to nature. This is because the natural instinct of human beings still demands the past which our ancestors spent in caves.

I was going to Rangpur from Rawalpindi. My village, my home town, my birth place is rangpur where "heer" was brought after her marriage with some khera. Perhaps this relation of love with my home town always keeps me inclined towards the reliabilities of nature.

Abbass, my cousin was with me on this bewitching journey. When we reached Mianwali, the driver came to know that the road from mianwali to bhakhar was blocked due to some accident. So he diverted the bus on a link road which was a short route towards haiderabad mankera.

Haiderabad mankera also got a history. There was a salitinate of haiderabad before independence. It stretched from mianwali to muzaffargarh northern boundries.

When we were in the mid of that link road, the barren sand dooms started covering the road. The driver tried his best but a 100m long sand coating on that single road stopped the bus in the mid way. The clutch plate was gone in desperate tries by driver. Because it was single road and only possible way between mianwali and bhakhar, the buses and trucks started coming and stopping on both sides.

It was 4am in the morning. The weather was cloudy, so rain drops started landing on barren sand dooms. The situation started becoming worse but i jumped out of the bus and started walking on cold sand. I mentioned in the earlier post about the traveling and how to enjoy the journey. This is all what fascinates me.

The cool breeze, the silence, the diversity of micro grains of sand, the presence of nature all around me, the company of non ending sand dooms, the charms of listening howling jackals and the morning coming out of dark made this a fairy land where there was love, peace and satisfaction. I wished i could make my life silent and still like this contented desert. Perhaps i was getting idealistic but i dreamt of such life.

Back to bus, at 8am the tractor came which took the bus to a workshop and we left the bus in bhakhar. We got a van and then reached rangpur at 4pm via layyah. But desert trivia keeps me alive in my thoughts. In the last post, about the unique prospect of life in my vilage, almost same desert i.e. the greater Thal was there. Did you ever experience it?

The barren sand dooms which fascinate the sensitive souls.
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