Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Unique Prospect Of Life Exists Here At Khoh Kangra

Few days back I was in my village due to some domestic urgency. Me along with my brother Imtiaz had been assigned a task by our father. The task was although a bit easy but it included a thrill for me. So I jumped on the bike when Imtiaz wished to go there in the evening.

The story carries a background. In villages, people use "Charpai" to sit and sleep on it. There are no fancy beds and carpets there. There are small ropes called "baan" which is used to tie the main bed part and we sit on it. We had to buy the "baan" from that small village. Although when there is season, people have "baan" in stock. But this was off the season. So we had to try our best to get it for one "Charpai".

Our destination named "Khoh Kangra" was just 4km away from our home. But its location made it something special for me. Kangra is located on the eastern bank of great Thal desert. One day before, it rained heavily there. So the weather, the sand, the silence of desert, and above all the unique culture of the people living there made it something special for me.

I mentioned in the early post i.e. How to enjoy the travel and I explained what I feel about traveling. We reached there few minutes before the sunset. Imtiaz started searching for the "baan" from the people living there but I kept sitting on the bike and started capturing the beauty of the village, the unique life style, the unique culture, the unique features of that village and the unique way of building the housed there.

The feelings I had when I was sitting on the bike and watching closely the life style of the people living there, I summarized in the post "Where the eternal love exists". We were back when the dark prevailed there. Sitting on bike and traveling in silent desert was an experience which I am unable to explain in words here. This is just something which can be felt.

 These are the snaps I took and wanted to share with my readers. Guys! these is the real beauty, real love and pure nature which prevails every where. Perhaps one can understand the reason of desperation on crowded places if he is able to have a glimpse of such life even once in his life.

Travel and be happy.

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