Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why To Travel And How To Feel It?

Some of us mostly misconceive the word "travel". This is not just only the travel from home to far off places. This can be inter city even inter village or intra village as well.Some people just start walking in the evening in some mood and all of a sudden, there lands some heavenly feeling on their minds and hearts. This can also be regarded as travel or travelogue.

These travels are what I think, the best travels, the best experiences, the best memories and above all the most beautiful moments of one's life. This power to conceive this heavenly feeling depends upon the natural curiosity, sensitivity and  above all the sense of natural likings.

This is the reason why millions of Pakistani people travel to northern areas of Pakistan rather every where but just few write and make these places eternal. This feeling is what I suppose the biggest argument to the positivity of mankind and reminds our souls the lost relation of human being with nature when we used to live in caves.

Perhaps that is the reason why most of us start rushing towards gardens or close to nature when ever they find time.

This is my philosophy of traveling. Perhaps that is the reason why I always enjoy all the journeys I travel and all the destinations I reach. 
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