Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Natural curiosity vs environmental pressure

One day before the announcement of results, i am always in a state what i can never define. Being gemini by star, i think this is always going to be with me rather most of us who are gemini. What is should be called?

This is either natural curiosity or social pressure. Because when ever human being did any wonder, there was either natural curiosity or social pressure. When both play their part at intense level, person is obliged to commit suicide because there are a few who got the power to handle both of above at a time.

Most of us are unable to build any productive relation between ethics, religious obligations and social values. This odd situation leads to flocks of blank minds who are unable to do positive for society even for their self. This is not good.

So when ever i come across such feelings or such situation, i prefer going on long drives to undefined destinations. The silent travels provide comfort and satisfaction to me rather all gemini would find it nice for them.

This is time when nature speaks and one finds the true meaning to travel. When one is back, he is as light as air. Perhaps its my bad luck that i can not go out today due to some commitments. Although weather is too demanding. Do plan something and rock the world!
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