Saturday, July 30, 2011

Naan Channay vs Pratha, the Breakfast trends of Sub Continent

Few days back, me and my roommate were discussing about the breakfast trends all over the world. We just discovered that European countries were tasteless and could survive on boiled potatoes. Where as Americans and Chinese could have better breakfast of just one club sandwich. But what about subcontinent?

This question took us to the sixteenth century when British landed on soil of sub continent just for the trade of "gram masalah", a food item added to make it tasty. Perhaps they were just aware of boiled potatoes, they started sending tons of it back to Britain where pudding was in trend.

The naan channay

British found it much better and their sleeping taste buds started getting up. Just for taste, they conquered sun continent and named it as "gold sparrow". They learned the recopies of sub continent and enjoyed in Britain.

So when we talk about sub continent, the mouth starts watering due to the taste of foods here. Perhaps that is the reason why there are food streets every where in sub continent.

There are so many breakfast trends here. But the most famous are these two:
1. Naam channay
2. Anda pratha

Yesterday, i was lucky enough to cherish my taste buds with naan channay. And today, i enjoyed the potato pratha.

There are certain trends followed for pratha and its other compliments while enjoying these at breakfast time. These trends are listed as follows:
1. Simple pratha
2. Potato pratha
3. Vegetable pratha
4. Zinger pratha
5. Chicken pratha
And many more which i do not remember.

The other compliments which are regarded as add ons of pratha are as follows:
1. Tea
The pratha
2. Fried egg
3. Butter
And many more depending on budget. But tea is compulsory in any case.

Where as the naan channy is just a one man show. But its carries its importance as much as pratha. The naan can be simple as well as fried. The channay are same as always. But somw times, its popularity becomes more than prathay.

Anyway, i love both on altrnate days. What you love to have at breakfast table?
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