Sunday, July 31, 2011

Legends Still Exist ! I am talking about Usman Ahsan

Guys! This is something astonishing for all of us that in the recent materialistic time, there are some selfless, some patriotic, some sincere. some beautiful, some kind at heart, some legends around us still existing. But we never open our eyes to look around and see them. Guys! I am talking about Usman Ahsan.

The farewell party by GCs
Most of you would not be knowing about Usman Ahsan. Let me tell you the whole story.

The story starts from the days when we were in Kohat for the initial tests for army. I met a guy when we were coming back with a success. This guy was one of us who was first to take initiative for prayer. Then he came to NUST EME Campus where I had already joined. After one and half year, we became roommates. Since then, three and half year have passed and we are still roommates.

Commanly known as Haji Sb, Butta, and Sufi, this guy is really amazing. It is because he is playing three roles at one time. He is my roommate, he is my sibling, he is my friend and most important, he is everything to me. I want to mention here that I am totally dependent upon this guy.

When I talk about computer, I have been using his computer for the last three years. When I talk about money, I am always dependent upon him. He always lends me some bucks because I always forget to draw some bucks from bank etc. I am dependent upon him when it comes to clothing. I am totally dependent upon him when it comes to entertainment. I am always around or about him.

 Hangout at IST with drama baz team. Me and Usman sitting in center.

He is by nature kind of person who always remain happy. And I am the biggest pessimist I suppose. So when ever he is around, I feel I am part of this world. Smiles are there when he is around. Plus point that he is an excellent actor and marvelous singer. So I never get bored in his company.

There is so much I want to say. But the print media rules seem a nightmare so I am unable to write what so ever I wanted to say. The last but not the least, Usman Ahsan! You are simply Amazing. Please be the way you are, now and always. Allah bless you.
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