Monday, August 1, 2011

My Flood Hit Rangpur ! Are You Ready For Next Flood?

Rangpur! A city which carries a history, a place where romance and love prevail every where, a town which shifts itself when ever one generation is no more, and much more which I am unable to say and comment. But one thing I would like to mention here is that Rangpur is a place which comes directly under water when ever there is angry Chanab river roaring and spreading its arms towards innocent people living there.

The water took away 100m bridge near city of Rangpur.
I remember the time when it was water and water every where in 1992. Me with my father went to see the angry floods. I was about 4,5 years old but the waves roaring still keep their memories alive in my innocent mind. Then some small scale floods were there in the time after 1992. But then It came 2010 when once again the Chenab river became a bit angry and widened its arms to engulf the innocent people living in vicinity.

2010 was the worst of all the floods I saw. Although before the construction of the defensive river banks which are commonly known as "Ban or band" in urdu and local saraiki people. In 1976, the water was around about 15 miles on both sides of the river. But It was before my birth. So I am unable to comment about it.

Rangpur carries a history. The most famous love story of Heer Ranjha got some relation with city. Since then, Rangpur is around in all poetic thoughts. All loving souls find some relation with this name and this place. One thing more astonishing I would like to mention here that Rangpur keeps on shifting its location. When my father, Maher Mohammad Hayyat was child like me, Ranpur was on some other place. They say it was on the southern side of Chenab river. I have seen myself the broken bricks and barren lands where Rangpur existed about half century back. Now it is located on north of Chenab river.

The damaged bank of river and people repairing it.
 Again there is a story behind this shifting. People say there was a saint who was basically a sailor ans used to boat in Chenab river. He perhaps loved Chenab. When he passed away, he was buried on some side of river. The river wants to have his dead body. So where ever that sailor is buried, the river changes its route and after some time, Chenab is around his grave. Now a days, Chenab is about one kilometer away from his grave.

I was talking about floods, I am posting few pics which I made during floods. These pics would clear the concept how it ruined the localities of Rangpur.

But the grim fact is that no work has been done so far by the government to improve the infra structure to avoid the loss we bear when ever floods are around. The rains seem making Chenab out of its traditional limitations. So Allah bless Rangpur and the whole Pakistan.

The flood water seems angry.
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