Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Feelings Associated to Rains

Rains fascinate every one who feels. A time comes when the rain drops start rolling on one's cheeks. The universe contracts and becomes the rain drop. The infinity becomes finite and human feeling become infinite. Perhaps there is always a special time when forms change, states replace each other, time and space become meaningless.

Perhaps nature pours packets of knowledge, wisdom, feelings, art, wordings, music and solidarity in the hemispheric universe under the senses of human beings. The Raqs-e-Dervish is in full swings at such times. And the art, literature and knowledge is imagined and created.

Perhaps such was the case when I took these pics in the morning when there was drizzling. I do not know whether all of you would feel the same way, think and interpret the same way as I do. But one thing I am sure about that it would take you to the time when we used to bathe in rains. Childhood would knock at your doors and smile.

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