Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Best Independence Celebration Ever I watched !!!

Last year when the holy month of Ramzan was going on and at the same time, the idependence day also broke in. I am talking about 14th August, the day Pakistan came into being at the face of earth as the second ideological state of the world.

Me with y great father, was going to attend "Aftar" in Khanewal. This is a unique geoghraphical aspect of Rangpur that if you have to go to Multan or Khanewal by crossing the river Chenab by boat, atleast three hours are saved and you can reach there in just one hour by motorcycle or even cycle. I have been there by bicycle many times through this shortcut.

So when we reached the bank of river Chenab, the boat was late. So we had to wait for atleast one hour. This is perhaps natural instinct, a passion, a beauty, a craze or what so ever you may say, and has become my second nature that I start photography when ever I come across any such scene. So at the bank of river standing in the burning sand at temperature of 46 degree celcious, I took out my cell phone and stared preserving the nature around me.

When I saw the boat coming towards me, I was astonished, amazed, bewitched, and lost to see the boat, people on the boat, their life style, their miseries, their sufferings, their love for themselves, society and their country. You would not believe but this is true that before looking at the boat I was not knowing that the day was Independence day.

It was lovely being part of that scene. The green flag of Pakistan was hoisting on the deck. The boat was coming near slowly, making my blood green. May Allah keep this green flag high till the last. 
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