Sunday, January 18, 2015

Class Categorization of Social Masses of Sialkot

I have traveled to most parts of upper Pakistan including Punjab, most parts of KPK and upper Baluchistan. One thing which is common through out all above mentioned parts is class categorization of social masses is their hierarchy i.e. elite class, upper class, middle class, lower middle class and lower class. Middle and lower middle class is most of the time categorized as working class.

Perhaps this is grim fact of our society that we have restricted hard work factor of just working class. Rest all rely upon either their past earned resources or miracles to happen. Lower class is always kept unpaid just to make them lower for the time to come. In spite of finding new manpower resources, we find peace in keeping already held manpower for ever. This is indeed too grim.

I have been in Sialkot for the last two years. I had chances to have close interaction with complete working class of this city and observe how they made this city a role model for rest of the country. I am finally placing my findings below:

1.  In Sialkot, every one considers himself as one of the representatives of working class. I have seen even millionaires working in their factories just like ordinary labors. They will never hesitate in sitting, working, enjoying and making things positive with their workers.

2.  They believe in work work and work. Atfter making this class discrimination vanished, they have made their approach too positive by making their every individual work worthy. Even children of mega factory owners give some time to their factories on daily basis. They are found doing their home work   or even learning from technicians after their school time.

3.  Eating is their passion. Spice is their air. You will find something spicy at every corner in Sialkot and people eating up the spice like anything. I mentioned in Iqbal Tower aspects as well about these spice corners.

Overall Sialkot is worth working place. Even worth following for all classes in pakistan. 
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