Monday, February 4, 2013

The Boats Culture at Verge of Death at River Indus (Sindh)

I have been a bit adventerous in my past and all the beauties prevailing in our society are my weakness. I have been at the concentional boats but in Chenab River which flows just 9km away from my village Rangpur. But when I saw this piece of beauty at the wall of my friend Hassan Sheikh whose photography I shared in the beauty of Dates trees here, I was just amazed.

Sindh is the largest river of Pakistan who irrigates twice the land as the great Nile river and three time more water as compared to Nile. It carries a culture, extreme beauty, complete social life cycles, a complete fana and flora, and above all a history of its association with the Indus Civilization. This has been bewitching when ever I get a chance to visit Indus.

Hassan Sheikh 

Boats have been a pre historic trend. The modified and motorized versions are a bit less common in Pakistan. But we are such a suplendid nation that we make matchless out of what we got. This boat and the extreme beauty of Sindh is such example. This is the Indus basin and shores called Pattan (پتن ). The boeats start their journey from Pattan to Pattan.

The people who find their life, livelihood, charm and association with water and boats here are called Mallah (ملاح ). I regard such people due to their such a beautiful and adventerous life and long term associations with water, fana and flora of Indus River (Sindh Drya).

I got my friend who is Mallah and maintains a boat. It has always been bewitching there. See the pictures taken by Hassan Sheikh and feel the extreme beauty of Sindh River, Kashti, Mallah and Pattan. Because these are the dying cultures and vanishing beauties of Pakistan. Perhaps our new generation would not even be knowing just the names. So feel the sand before it slips out of your hands. Long live and Love Pakistan. 
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