Saturday, February 16, 2013

In The Chilling Rains !!!

Rains !!! a motive, a scenery, a silent reminder, something close to our heart and soul and much more. Now it depends on one,s sensitivity how much that individual can feel and how much he gets from such a natural asthetics.

Feeling the rains, geeting wet rather taking bath in the heavy drizzles, and feeling the way rain drops travel through such a polluted and conjusted air and finally fall at us washing away all the negativities of our soul. This is something worth feeling. So photography during rains has always been my passion. Same happened while I was standing in the rain today.

As I mentioned in my previopus post i.e. Rains fascinate every one who feels. A time comes when the rain drops start rolling on one's cheeks. The universe contracts and becomes the rain drop. The infinity becomes finite and human feeling become infinite. Perhaps there is always a special time when forms change, states replace each other, time and space become meaningless.

The complete article can be read here. So I used my skill again while capturing the rains. Enjoy my pgotography...

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