Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Evenings Without Sunset !!!

People say that the beauty of evening is always the sunset scenes at country sides etc. But just imagine when there is evening but there is no sun descending in the west. Guys! Its actually due to moisture, clouds, fog and many more factors which do not allow the sun rays to reach the surface of earth and provide warmth.
A small village in the middle of the greater Thal desert. 

Wheat fields and the hazzy sunset. 

The river Chenab which flows by the left side of Rangpur. 

These are the pictures I took when I was in my village at Rangpur, the city of love and folklore like Heer Ranjha etc. The feeling carring no wordings so just see and enjoy. What I enterpretted was something so sad that I fear sharing here. So just see and decide your self the purity of feelings and beauty of Rangpur. Good Luck !!!
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