Monday, January 21, 2013

When Hunting Turned Into Facebook Display Picture !!!

It was chilling rainy day of december and I was roaming about in the remote marshy areas of my village in Rangpur. There are enormous fish forms in that area and marshy places are frequently found there. Starting from september till march, there is hunting season. This is because of the birds from Cyberia and Russia which migrate to warm waters of Asian countries. This is because during above mentioned period these countries are completely ice covered and birds can,t survive there.

The season was supporty and I picked up the gun and catridges and started off to great grand hunt. It was cilling cold, rain and so called Cyberian winds blowing. But I was quite convinced that I was going to find something to fire at. After travelling about 5,6 km I came across few birds. As I prepared physically and mentally to fire at them, all of a sudden these birds flew away. When I got up chilled in the cold water, I saw a shepherd coming towards me. When I yelled at him "Couldn,t u stop few moments???" he replied in ice cold tone "I did not see you sir.... ".

Anyway the mission impossible part two started off. After travelling three kilometers more, I again came across another group of few birds sitting in the water. The hunter (me) jumped out of his socks!!!
After completing proper camoflauge and concealment, crawling about 200 meters in the chilling water, with just a shorts and a vest on my body, I prepared to fire. When I pressed the tregger, the first catridge could not be fired.

Changed the catridge, again pressed the trigger without wasting any time, but alas! another miss fire. O God!!!

Guys, finally I decided to back off because of the lady luck not showing even least interest in my effort. But wait, something strange to tell you guys is that I made two pics which I am sharing here. The first was with gun which I made my facebook display picture and the second could never be shared. When I came back, my father told me with a smile on his face "Dear son din,t you know that today is friday???". 
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