Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abbotabad sounds quiet !!!

When ever I start thinking to go some where, there is always a hell of stuff at my mind. This is some professional commitment, some egoistic stuff or some natural wandering nature that I am going to Abbotabad for one year.  I feel quiet when I think about Abbotabad.

Abbotabad at night. 
Some think about the historical backgrounds, some think about the beauty, some think about the people there, some think about the cultural backgrounds, some think about the scenery, bla bla bla. They plan a lot, pack up the necessities and then start moving towards new places. these are the anxious people who are by nature wanderers. But there is another lot as well.

Those who are afraid of new places. They always think about the negativity of the new places. They do not want to go there for some reasons. These reasons may b geological, psychological or some other.

I have been thinking about this for the last two hours. I can not decide the category for myself. i am not afraid. But at the same time i want to close my eyes for this new venture. Perhaps this is a miracle of natural sensitivity which never allows one to fall in some category.

Nature always seems playing with human beings. It never allows some one to b a one side for a long time. Some over ambitious people mold their emotions in such a way that they can be expected to stand by some ambition through out their whole life. But the case is not same for all. The contradiction comes when we talk about sensitive people. This is because of the lot of feelings falling at their mind when ever they are at some point. So they can never be at the some point to make some decision. There is a condition of complete black out when this is severe.

So Abbotabad sounds quiet in all respects to me. I wish good luck for all those who would be joining me there. 
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