Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Lahore Discovered

Guys! You would be wondering what I said, but this is true. Few moments before I was talking to one of my juniors who told me a strange but true story of mini lahore. Now a days, there are just few remains of this great city which once served as the capital of Gandhara state.

While travelling by motorway, if we stop by Sawabi Interchange commonly known as Anbar Interchange, there are two roads. One goes towards Tarbela and other goes to Jahangira. If we travel just two kilometers on Jahangira road, we come across the remains of a great city which once used to serve as the capital of Gandhara. It was known as Lahor.

The Lahor or Chota Lahore is situated on the left side of motorway interchange.

In district government, this place is called Hund. Wikipedia explains the history of this place as:

"Hund is a small village in Swabi district, situated on the right bank of the Indus River about 15 km upstream of Attock Fort and at a distance of about 80 km to the east of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, of Pakistan. It was the site of Alexander the Great's crossing of the Indus and an important site of Gandhara ruins.[1]
Hund was the last capital of Gandhara under the Hindu Shahi rulers until the beginning of 11th century AD. when Mahmud of Ghazna defeated Anandapala, the last Hindu Shahi ruler in Gandhara. The Hindu Shahi capital was then shifted to Nandana in the Salt Range.
Hund is also said to be the site of Khwarazm Shah's Army's last stand against Genghis Khan."

This is the  history of Lahor which is now just a place where you will find rotten bricks and perhaps some remains of the ancient people who used to live and rule here. There is a museum as well in which they have placed the items they found when digging of this ancient city was carried out.

I would upload a pictorial tour of this place when I get a chance to visit it and Insha Allah it would be very soon. It would be a dream come true to see the Lahor commonly known as "Chota Lahore" meaning small lahore.
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