Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Blogging Matters To Me???

I had been away from my blogs for the last one and half year. It was more my professional commitments and less the availability of the resources which matter in blogging. These resources include the material on which one can site aside, think, get inspired and then write it down to share with the people around. This is there in enourmous. But the technical support was no where. But I am positive because it happens.

But few things I noted when I was away carry much importance. So I wanted to share with the people around me to know whether I am right or not.

    a. The space of everybody matters in remaining positive in all aspects of life.
    b. One has been created creative. So it keeps on creating  new ways of expression.
    c. We need a legality or argument to live, spend time and being practical. This is done very nicely through          blogging.
    d. Sharing is caring. And expression is the real freedom.
    e. We as human being got the capability to topple few things which matter in the evolution of thought process.
    f. One needs to maintain its space in the world.

Hope all of us have been through this unique experience. The above mentioned things matter a lot in my life. So I blog. 
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